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Swell Beauty Testimonials

Ever wonder how brides & Our Clients felt about our Hair & Makeup Services on their wedding day or special event? Here’s what our Clients had to say:



Great experience!

-I hired Dee for my wedding in Laguna Beach. Her and her team did myself (bride), MOB, MOG and my bridesmaids hair and makeup. She is very talented and easy-going. We all looked flawless and even had our makeup looking good after dancing all night. They even finished ahead of schedule too which was great.


-Hire Swell Beauty for your special event. I had Courtney, I believe, come to my hotel near Disney to do my makeup before my wedding in Laguna Beach. She arrived early, was fun, energetic, easy-going and professional. She created the look that I wanted, spot on. I received many compliments throughout the day, especially on those beautiful brows, which I am still trying to recreate myself but just can’t quite! 😉

Thanks Swell Beauty!


-I had such a great experience from beginning to end with Dee! She is a true artist and professional. I drove all the way from downtown San Diego to Dee’s gorgeous little salon in Orange County for a trial run of hair and makeup for my wedding. As soon as I walked in, I knew I had come to the right place. Dee was so outgoing and personable, knew exactly what I wanted, and truly made me feel beautiful and confident. The few hours I was in her studio felt like 5 minutes by the time we were done. I knew I could count on Dee to replicate the exact look she created at the trial on my wedding day.

On my wedding day, Dee and Melody showed up exactly at the time she said they would. She came in ready to work! Instantly, she got the vibe going in my hotel room and all of my bridesmaids fell in love with her attitude and energy in the room. We played music and laughed for the remainder of the day while Dee and Melody worked their magic.

My photos turned out wonderful because of the magnificent job Dee did. She made everyone look absolutely gorgeous and helped me create memories I will never forget on one of the most important days of my life. Her energy and passion for her job shines through her work.

I will gladly drive far to have Dee do my makeup and hair for any event again! Thank you, thank you, thank you to Dee and Swell Beauty!!


-Dee brought Jennifer with her to do the hair and makeup for my wife, mother, sister-in-law and our three young nieces. They did a phenomenal job and we would highly recommend their services to anyone. The ladies were on time, had excellent attitudes, worked great with the girls and their talents were highly evident in the magnificent quality of their work. All of the ladies looked amazing but my wife absolutely dropped my jaw when I saw her. A very special thank you to Dee and Jennifer for your contributions to our special day. You ladies did a fantastic job!!


-Dee is amazing! She is extremely professional. She looked at the photos I brought to my trial for less than a minute and she created a beautiful braided bun that I absolutely loved! My bridesmaids loved her and her assistant, they were prompt, professional and absolutely amazing each of my bridesmaids loved their hair and makeup!

Every time I look at my pictures I love the way my hair and makeup look.

Dee is the best! Do yourself a huge favor and check this vendor off your list!!


-Dee was a breath of fresh air on my wedding day. She arrived on time, prepared and relaxed. She read created my trial make up exactly as I wanted it and then made a few tweaks to my hair, that we had discussed over email prior, to make my hair absolutely perfect. Dee also did my maid of honor and bridesmaids hair and makeup and both of them looked fabulous!
Everyone of us received numerous compliments on our hair and make up.
I would definitely use Dee and Swell Beauty again. They are professional, courteous and treat you like a queen on your special day.
Check out Swell Beauty on Instagram to see their work.


-I was so thrilled to get to work with Dee! I first heard about her and her team here through Yelp and after I’d seen her work on Facebook, I knew I had to work with her.

Dee was incredible. I was so impressed with her communication. She was so consistent in answering all of my many questions and concerns, with kindness and patience.

I thought their pricing for what you get was very reasonable. I loved the fact that she was willing to come to my home to do the hair/makeup service. She was very open and willing to change anything I wasn’t happy with. I was so thrilled with my hair, especially since my hair is shorter than I’d like it to be for the up-do I’d wanted, but she made it work! Make-up was quite nice. I wanted to veer towards a more natural look and she did so with a little something extra. For example, I typically wear shades of brown eye shadow for every day and so coming into the appointment, I’d imagined a brown color scheme to achieve the natural look. She enhanced this look by adding a plum color rather than brown, which helped my hazel eyes stand out. Very cool.

I highly recommend!


-Dee and her team do absolutely amazing work! They did H&M for all 8 of my bridesmaids, my mom, grandma, mother in law, and sister in law… They managed to finish all 13 of us in plenty of time and everyone looked incredible! So many guests commented on everyone’s hair and makeup! I would highly recommend using Swell Beauty for your special day or any fun occasion!


Dee did a fantastic job on me, my mom and my aunt! Usually when i would get my makeup done i have to have them change things after but i had zero complaints or changes! Dee really listened and made it so perfect. My mom (the bride) looked so beautiful! Thank you so much Dee, i got so many compliments that day!


-My fiancé and I decided to “elope” but I still wanted to get my hair and makeup done. However we were on a budget and many artists out there still were asking too much for day of hair and makeup. I found Dee through a search and she was so gracious to give me an amazing rate for our little day.

I had a major mishap with eyebrow waxing the day before (even though Dee sent out a list of Do’s and Don’ts way ahead of time) so I literally had scabs from the wax pulling off skin on my eyelids. I texted Dee the morning of in a panic but she assured me that all would be okay but I was freaking out inside.

Dee arrived and set up her station and went to work. She did a magnificent job in hiding the waxing mishaps so no one knew my face previously looked like it was melting off. She was quick, efficient and really saved the day for me! DI had texted my fiancé that morning crying over my face and he thought I was begin dramatic as he couldn’t see a thing when he saw me later that day. It was the next day he really saw what happened and that is a testament to Dee’s fabulously work! Dee was amazing and even my photographer who is engaged asked about her contact info because she loved what Dee did!


-I absolutely love the job that Dee did for me on my wedding day! I had a great trial and come my wedding day, she remembered comments I made during the trial the month before! She was very attentive, patient (not rushed!), efficient with time management as others in my bridal party had services done by Dee, was more than happy to “do a little more of this” or “a little less if that” or make any changes, and the finished product was beautiful! I felt truly beautiful! My biggest fear is that I won’t end up looking like myself, but this was nothing to fear with Dee! This was my first personal experience with Dee, but it wasn’t my last! I would absolutely recommend Dee to anyone I know!


-First of all this salon is simply beautiful all around! The decor and atmosphere really get you in the mood for getting all dolled up. Dee was great, she handled my unruly curly hair and blew it out/set it beautifully. Even though I’m really jumpy with people near my eyes she was able to do a lovely eye palette and even got some fake lashes on me!

I definitely recommend this salon and her services to anyone who needs hair and makeup done for a special event or photoshoot!


-I spent quite a bit of time on the internet looking for wedding hair and make up. I kept returning to the Swell website. After struggling over my decision I contacted Dee. I had many questions and Dee was great with answering them all and getting back to me in a timely manner. I scheduled my trial in April 2013 knowing that after the trial I would take my engagement photos. I was very pleased with my results. I felt confident that the wedding hair and make up would go well. I loved the fact that I could follow Swell Beauty on Facebook, because they post photos of brides and their wedding parties. Seeing those photos made me very confident in my decision to hire Swell.
I had an 11 am wedding and a large bridal party. Dee and her team showed up bright and early. Dee provided me with a schedule to help the process along, which was perfect. I cannot be more pleased with the outcome of my hair and make up. It was flawless! My bridesmaids looked amazing too! I had also made the decision to have Dee come back after the ceremony for touch ups. She actually showed up before my ceremony after a few hours of photos and went way beyond what I had ever asked for. She fixed the little boys hair, did touch ups before and after the ceremony. Dee does not just do amazing hair and make up, she is genuinely a nice person. She was so professional during all the chaos of the wedding party. Now, 6 weeks later I still have bridesmaids telling me how much they loved their hair and make up but also adding how sweet Dee was. I just got my photos back and my hair and make up really looked the same from the beginning of the day to hours after dancing.

I really am just so pleased with Swell Beauty!


-My wedding was Friday November 1st. Everything turned out perfectly with my hair and makeup. I couldn’t be happier and so many of my hair stylist friends told me that she really did such a good job. 🙂 I was so back and forth about how I wanted my hair and makeup, so they did two looks for me during the makeup trial. They helped me to feel so confident about my wedding day and they wanted to make sure that I would look how I wanted to.

I really liked that they sent me tips via e-mail before the trial and wedding day. They helped me know what to do to allow for the best results before the trial and before the wedding day. I still use those tips to help me have great hair and keep my skin healthy. Dee followed up with me often to make sure that I was happy with the trial and to see if I wanted to make any changes. Swell Beauty really wants to make YOU happy. It’s not about them, it’s about you!

They were there at their salon on-time and weren’t upset when I was late. Woops. They made me feel so good about myself and were interested in the story of how I met my fiance and all. They were easy to talk to and play wedding music to help make the experience a great one. I had a wonderful experience there. The Salon is beautiful and in a great location! I liked my look so much, the final one, that I kept it all day and put on my dress and went down and took Bridal Photos. The photos turned out great and my hair and make-up lasted all day. 🙂 With the way that they set my hair, I took it down and it was perfectly curled, so I took more pics!

My wedding day was perfect. We got to the salon pretty early to get started on me and then my mom and then my sister-in-law. I had a CRAZY morning because last minute, I decided that I wanted a bit more blonde in my hair. Dee called a hairstylist who had done my hair a few days earlier and she came right over. We put 4 to 6 foils in my hair to lighten up the top, and it worked out perfectly. We then proceeded with my hair and make-up and I made it to my wedding right on time. Swell Beauty is ready to bend over backwards for you and are ready for any emergencies or changes that you want. My hair turned out perfectly how I wanted it, color and style, and I am so happy I went with Swell Beauty!

I don’t know what happened with these other girls who have reviewed negatively because Dee and Laura delivered exactly what I wanted, were there on-time, if not early, and were so sweet and patient with me and my indecisiveness. Dee was with me throughout the whole day, touching up my hair and makeup as we took photos, and even at the reception.

Thank you Swell Beauty for your great service! 🙂

-Amber Bodily

-I contacted Dee after seeing her great reviews on Yelp and Wedding Wire, and she met all my expectations. Let me start out by saying I have had nightmares about my wedding day makeup and hair. In addition, I have never been completely satisfied with makeup and hair when I get it done. I have Native American (olive) skin with almond eyes and straight hair. I have had artists try to match me to Latin or Asian tones but I am neither. It is hard to explain because my skin tone is so weird! Lol, but Dee made sure I was happy with everything!! When she asks you to let her know what you really think, she means it and if you are honest with her, she will make it happen!

I had a great experience with the trial and my engagement pictures came out beautifully. All the girls at Swell were, umm.. swell (lol), really! And Dee was there to make sure things went the way I wanted it to go. On my wedding day, I had Laura as our Makeup artist and Megan (?) as our hairstylist. They worked on two of the toughest, most picky, stubborn girls I know (my close friends/bodyguards, haha) and both girls were so in love with their looks. In addition, they worked on my mother in-law and two flower girls and everyone looked stunning. I have never seen my mother in-law look so beautiful and she loved her glamour look. I was last and I thought for a minute that they would not have enough time but these girls were awesome and efficient! I was in and out within maybe an hour (curls were preset, though) and my look stayed beautiful the whole day! These girls thought of everything; how Makeup changes color with the heat, and how sunblock makes you look grey in pictures (wow! great pointers!) etc.

I love the pictures I’ve seen so far and I can’t wait to see the professional shots. Swell made me the happiest bride ever and I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

-Dee,You are so awesome!!! I had such a great experience and so much fun. You were so nice and understanding and I am so thankful that I called you and you were able to work with me last minute. When I left your salon, the huge burden and all the stress that I was carrying around was gone. It felt great!!!
You did an amazing job and I love it all. I really do appreciate the extra effort that you put in for my sexy golf photo shoot. I wouldn’t have made it happen without your help.

Many Thanks!!!!

I cannot tell you how awesome these girls are!! I had a LONG wedding, it lasted about 15 hours, my hair stayed the WHOLE time and makeup did as well. I only had to touch up once for my makeup. The girls are so easy to work with and will do whatever it takes to make you happy. I am honestly so happy that I booked them for my wedding and referred all my friends to them as well. They are a great team and work well together. Can’t thank them enough for what they did and how amazing they were! Dee/Laura- you guys are great!!!!!!

-I was so impressed with the group from Swell Beauty. I was the mother of the groom and felt so pampered with Dee following me around and fixing my hair and makeup all day. It was amazing. Great company to hire for an event!!!!

Dee and her crew were absolutely AMAZING. They made me look my best on my wedding day and I was so impressed at how quickly they got everything done. They came to my house, which was super convenient, and were so sweet to my whole family! Laura did an amazing job with my makeup and Dee knew exactly what I wanted with my hair after just showing her a couple pictures. Everyone the entire day was complimenting my hair and makeup, and still to this day I have people coming up to me saying how much they loved it!

I highly recommend Swell Beauty to anyone wanting to look absolutely stunning–I wish I could just have them do my hair and makeup everyday! They are without a doubt the best of the best. Thanks again guys!!

-This review is long over due since my wedding was back in August of 2012. Dee and Laura made me look and feel SO beautiful on my wedding day, along with my bridesmaids and mother. They both were so impeccable with all of the details of my look, which made me feel so at ease. My hair and make up looked flawless from my first reveal which was around 2pm all through the night of dancing and breaking a few sweats along the way. If you are in need of an amazing team of professional artists, you will be so happy with choosing Swell Beauty!

-Thank you Dee…..you all did a fabulous job on the wedding party…..I have never seen more excited girls then this group……they loved every minute of your team making them beautiful!!!
MANY thanks!!!

-Dee of Swell Beauty is amazing. She is the ultimate professional who can make any face look flawless. I dont know what I would have done without her on my wedding day. She was prompt, kind, and amazing at her craft! Thank u Dee!

-Swell Beauty is amazing and I would recommend their services to everyone. The entire team drove out to the valley for my wedding doing different looks for my 6 bridesmaids, my moms and myself. Dee and Laura are amazing and they made my special day amazing! I had two looks for my wedding and within 5 minutes Dee and Laura took my ceremony look to a completly different reception look.

I cannot stress how amazed I am with Swell Beauty and I will use their services for every event I have! My hair and makeup are more than I could have ever imagined and I thank them for everything. A+

-My bridal party and I looked fabulous! Everyone was extremely pleased with their hair and makeup. Dee and Laura are very meticulous and they did an amazing job to ensure my wedding look was absolutely perfect. I’ve never felt more beautiful. Thanks Ladies!

-I had such a good experience with Dee and Laura making me beautiful for my wedding. I highly recommend their services. I came to CA from another state for my wedding so was unable to meet with them ahead of time or do a preview and still they helped me prepare and make plans as well as possible from long distance. Even without a preview, when they showed up on the day of my wedding, they listened to my input, went right to work and the end result was that I looked my absolute best. I still frequently get compliments on how great my hair looked that day. On my wedding day I felt like I looked beautiful and all that was reaffirmed now, months later, when I got my first look at my wedding pictures and re-realized how great they really made me look. I’m so grateful for the talents of these girls and how professional and easy to work with they were. It was overall a stress-free experience.

-Dee was amazing! She flew out to Hawaii to do my hair for my wedding. It started to rain after the wedding so she redid my hair for the reception so that it would be beautiful the whole night long! I am so happy she was there to make sure I looked fabulous:) I would recommend her 100% Thanks Dee!

-Swell Beauty knows their stuff! Dee did my hair for my wedding and I was thrilled with her design. Not knowing much about hair myself, I just had a vague picture in my mind when I asked for an up-do. Dee totally nailed it, and came up with a timeless, artistic style that made me feel gorgeous on my special day. She was even willing to come back after the ceremony to re-style me for my reception. If you want to look your best, go with Swell Beauty!

-Can’t say enough about these girls. Never thought I could look as pretty as they made me for my wedding. I looked at over 10 different businesses that do hair and make up for special events. I had previews with two I didn’t like but Swell beauty made me and my girlfriends look beautiful. I was a little hesitant about putting down a deposit but am so glad I did. I have another friend who tried to use them but they were booked. They were so professional, punctual and super fun. I would recommend them to everyone!

-Hello future Brides,

I would like start off by saying what an amazing company swell beauty is. Dee did my hair and Elaina did my makeup. I was absolutely impressed and satisfied with their professionalism and quality of work. I would definitely recommend their services if you want to look amazing on your wedding day.

I received so many compliments the of the wedding and even now with pictures. My hair and makeup stayed in tact the whole night. If your looking for a classic, natural look, look no further. Swell beauty is your company for hair and makeup. Thanks again Dee and Elaina. You ladies were awesome!

-Dee and Laura are an impeccable team!! They are so personable and really care and make sure that the look you are getting is everything you dreamed of!! They were my hair and makeup team for my wedding and I could not have been happier. I got married in a vineyard on a warm summer day and let me tell you my hair and makeup stayed fresh until 2 am!! Thank you Dee and Laura for making me feel and look so beautiful on my Wedding day!!

-I was looking for a makeup and hair artist for the day of my brother’s wedding. I was in a rush and I needed an affordable artist because, my last one that I hired fell through a few weeks prior to the wedding. Laura and Dee were great! They took my suggestions after the trial preview session and I looked beautiful the day of! I was receiving compliments all night and it felt great to look my best, being one of the bridesmaids and all 🙂

-I have photographed about a dozen brides after Swell Beauty rocked the hair and makeup. Dee and her team has always impressed me with something on the unique and fun side which makes a huge difference in getting amazing images. Their clientele always seem to have good style. Keep up the great work!

-I used Swell Beauty for my wedding last yea and I definitely would recommend them. We didn’t do a trial run but exchanged enough emails for them to have a clear idea of what look I wanted. Actually, I had two looks for my wedding – the first one was a little brighter and very early in the morning for which they showed up on time; and the second one in the afternoon (they also showed up on time then) 🙂

The team of two ladies work well together and they are very time efficient having established a shorthand. They will welcome your suggestions if you want to modify anything regarding your hair or make-up. I was happy with my two looks. These ladies are very professional and serious about their work!

-I booked Swell Beauty for my engagement pictures on 11/3/12. They did NOT let me down!! Laura was AMAZING!! I am so happy with how my make up and hair turned out!! She listened to what I wanted and got some inspiration from some eye make up pictures I showed her, but the rest I really left up to her and she did not let me down at all! In fact, I loved it so much, I wish I didn’t have to wash my face and lose all the work she did! Dee is WONDERFUL!!!!! She kept in contact with me, answered ALL my questions. She was out of this wold wonderful. I would recommend them to everyone in need of some hair and make up in the OC area!!!!!!! They are BEYOND worth it! 🙂

-Dee and her team at swell beauty are absolutely fantastic!!! They showed up to our hotel and did the hair and makeup for 11 women on my wedding day. Everyone looked fabulous and had a blast with the swell beauty team during the multiple hour session!! They are all so professional and extremely talented. I would recommend swell beauty to anyone who wants to look their best on their special day and have peace of mind knowing the team will be on time, efficient, and very professional!! They are the best and are now doing the wedding of a very good friend of mine. Thank you Dee and the rest of the swell beauty team for making my wedding even more special!!!

-Dee and her assistant made my wedding perfect! They showed up at our hotel where we had service for 3 bridesmaids and myself (the bride). Besides being absolutely warm and making us feel so comfotable, they were friendly and it felt like we had been old friends. Dee hit the nail on the head with my makeup. It was so beautiful and just what I wanted, I loved my hair as well, and she did it based on a picture I had found. My bridesmaids looked amazing. I HIGHLY recommend Swell Beauty for any event. Very professional, and very talented. A friend of mine used them for their wedding and gave me the recommendation. Very pleased!!!

-The Swell Beauty Team was awesome. They came to my aunts house at 9am and had everyone done by 115. They were sweet, energetic and professional. Everyone loved their makeup!!! Dee did my bridal makeup and I could not have been happier! My eyes looked amazing and I loved my hair! We were all very impressed with these women and their talent. I would totally use Swell Beauty again and I would definately recommend them to anyone and everyone I know! Thanks Dee!

-Dee and her team are nothing short of AMAZING!! From the preview session to the actual BIG DAY everything was perfect. They arrived early to our destination wedding in the mountains and got right to work. They just “got it”. They were sweet and courteous and very professional. I can’t recommend Swell Beauty enough. All the bridesmaids looked gorgeous and people are still talking about the cool celtic looking braids in my hair.

-What a pleasure it was to have Laura do my hair and makeup for my son’s wedding. It was very special for me, as I rarely wear makeup and am just sort of a “wash & wear”…..jeans & t-shirt” type of woman. At age 56, I didn’t want to look too “made up” with heavy makeup or look like the “frumpy” mother of the groom. Laura did a wonderful job with both my hair and makeup and throughout the wedding day and evening, I received many, many compliments about how great I looked. I appreciate that she made me look so good and glowing for my son’s wedding day!!

Additional Stars: 1) Reasonably priced. 2) Informed of specific details regarding services available and costs involved prior to booking my appointment and paying a deposit. 3) Payment available by credit card, PayPal or check, 4) Continual contact with Dee through email regarding questions, procedures, preparation, etc. 5) Best of all….the makeup artist comes to you, which makes for relaxation and no worries!

-Hi Dee
We just watched your small bit on My Fair Wedding, and I thought I would take this opportunity to thank you for your work on Sarah’s wedding day. Thank you for making her look so gorgeous and happy. I know it wasn’t that difficult for the gorgeous part, but I think she looked stunning! I appreciate your patience and expertise during our hours with you all. I think your business will continue to be a success!

-I just had to take a moment to tell you how amazing yesterday was. The girls you sent were absolutely
wonderful. They both did an amazing job of both hair and makeup. Everyone was sooooo happy with
the outcome.
Thanks again for all that you have done to help Terry during this hectic time!!!!

Can’t wait to see your TV debut!!!!

-Dear Dee and Laura-

I can’t thank you both enough. You saved me an immense amount of stress and made all the women in my family gorgeous for my wedding day. I really don’t think any of us have ever felt prettier, and I could see the confidence in all our faces. That really meant the world to me!! It means so much that you went above and beyond, and helped past just doing amazing hair and makeup. I also appreciate how you were both willing to be flexible and stay later to do extra work on a moment’s notice. Your help absolutely contributed to my fairytale wedding, and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate everything you did.

Thank you again. You both are lifesavers, and I would recommend you any day!

-I LOVED Laura & Dee. They made me feel so beautiful for my bridals & my wedding day. They are AMAZING and so knowledgeable at what they do and we had so much fun!! I wish they could do my hair and makeup everyday

-Swell Beauty did my make up for my wedding this last March and did my make up for nearly every formal dance in high school. I can STRONGLY recommend this company. When Laura has done my make up, it stays on and perfect for the whole day or night. In addition to this, after doing a ton of research for my wedding, I promise that Swell Beauty has the best “bang for your buck.” My experience has been extremely positive. I felt beautiful on my wedding day and never had a headache when it came to scheduling, money, quality, or flexibility. The only thing I can suggest to brides is definitely have them do a preview for you. It will put your mind at ease to know exactly what you will look like on your wedding day.

-Thank you so much for making me and my bridesmaids look so wonderful! Everyone loved their hair and makeup and I just thought everybody looked so beautiful and classy….just perfect!!!

-Just wanted to tell both you ladies you did a SPECTACULAR job on me and my wedding party on Saturday. Graham said it was the best he has ever seen me and nothing like my wedding day for that. You ladies outdid yourselves in my opinion. Thank you thank you!!!

-I wanted to say thank you for such wonderful job with our hair and make-up. I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed having you both be a part of this special day. The girls and my mother and grandmother all looked gorgeous!!!

-Just a quick note to thank you for making me look beautiful on my wedding day.You’re talented and were so lovely and easy to work with. I was determined to have a stress-free day and you contributed to that. I’d recommend you to anyone. Keep doing what you’re doing.

-Beautiful work yesterday at Allyson’s US Grant wedding! All of the ladies looked so gorgeous!! You two are fabulous!! Thank you!!:)
Christina- Bliss Events Coordinator

-WOW! Thanks so much for featuring our special day on your site and on your blog.
We were so lucky to have you.Thank you so much for working with us, We loved having you and all the talent that you brought to this special day. I was thrilled about the whole package! You two were so in touch with every part of the process.

-Dee from Swell Beauty came over to my home for a hair and make up for myself & 10 year old daughter. She arrived 30 mins earlier than expected which was a plus.
She took her time with my daughter to make sure everything was perfect. She loved her hair. I knew that my hair and make up would be nice for the wedding because of the preview session. Dee & Laura both gave me their input to give me ideas on what looked like a right style for me. My wedding day was spectacular. I could not thank her how happy I was. I will recommend Swell Beauty to my friends & family.