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Tips on Hair Extensions for your Special Occasion!

Tips on Hair Extensions for your Special Occasion!
Hair Extensions are very popular, even more so for your Wedding Day or Special Occasion.  It will give your hair a more glamorous and full look!  If you are considering Hair extensions for your big day, here’s some of the different types you can get with simple suggestions and advice. Whether you are going to get permanent extensions or the ever so popular temporary ones . . . . you must read below!


These Extensions are pretty much genius!  The hair is attached to a fishing wire that is the shape of a halo and all you do is set this peice on top of your head and lay your own hair over the wire.  I definitely will be buying a Halo soon, I have tried them on and worked with them in a updo.  The upside is that they are very easy to put on and easy to style with. You can buy these at some Kiosks in the Malls/ Online or at a Salon. The Halo also comes in all colors, lengths, and straight or wavy. You can pretty much do anything with these peices, curl, wave and even wash. The downside is trying to get your hands on these and their a bit more pricy. Been proven to have no damage to your hair.  These are also 100% Remy (Best quality hair out there) Human hair.
  Prices start at $100-$200
 Swell beauty Tested-Rated A+

Hair-do by Ken Paves & Jessica Simpson

I actually own several of these in different lengths and I think there great!! They offer 100% human hair and Synethic.  The Upside is, they are very easy to use and put in, they are almost like a wig but does not cover your whole head, with only 4 to 8 clips to attach to your own hair.  All you do is seperate the top half of your hair, clip in the hair piece, and lay your hair over it.  You can put it in and take it out in less then 5 minutes.  These hair peices also come in all lengths, colors, straight or wavy.  These are defineltley less damaging to your hair then other Permanent Extensions.  The Down-side is if you wear them every day you could easily damage your hair by the weight and pulling of your own hair. They also offer other types of clip-ins like bang clip-ins and the Perfect pony tail clip-ins.  You can purchase these online or at a proffessional Salon.  
Prices start at $16-$250
Swell Beauty Tested rated B+

 These Extensions are a more of a do-it-yourself process.  You will need to buy the clips, cut the hair in pieces and sew clips to hair.  These Clip-Ins can be a bit tricky, because you have to put separate pieces in your hair in the right places for proper balance, which I guess is the Downside. The Upside is the more you wear them, you can pertty much place them in the right place every time. As far as matching your hair color to these extensions, the Sallys Beauty Supply employees are very helpful with matching your color to the Clip-Ins.  But if you have a trusted Stylist that can go with you to match your hair that would be helpful too!  These can be the cheapest investestment and they can last very long if you take proper care of the hair. You can buy l00% human hair or Synethic hair and in all lengths and colors.  These are definetley less damaging to your hair. These are ideal for Extra Volume and Length.
  Prices start at $20-$100 
Swell Beauty Tested and rated B+


Great Lengths 

These Extensions are definetly more Permanent but have great benefits.  If you’re the type that does not want to clip-in your hair peices or hassle with worrying of them falling out, these are for you! The upside is you can go from short to long in no time and they last up to 6 months. Great Lengths is a technique that individual Protein Bonds are attached to your own individual strands of hair. A tiny iron is used to melt the bond as it lies against your hair, after which the Stylist rolls it, until it cools and hardens with your own hair locked inside.  These are not something you can do yourself, you do have to go to a professional certified Stylist to get these put in.  The Downside is they can take up to 4 hours to put in and 1 hour to get out.  It can be damaging to your hair depending on how you take care of them and how long you have them in.  Also, if you have accidental contact with a curling iron or flat iron the bonds can melt easily.  I also have had these and absolutley loved them!
Prices range from $5 a bond to $2500. 
Swell beauty Tested- Rated B+

*Cinderella Extensions are very Similar to Great Lengths as well, same tecnique and results.


This is a method that a Stylist does by braiding your hair Horizontally into small tight braids in parted sections to your head and then sewing the Hair horizontally across the head.  The Upside is, if you have very thick healthy hair these can be perfect for you, you can also wash your hair and use irons.  The Downside is they can be very uncomfortable and feel very unnatural when touching your head.  Im not a fan of this method its very damaging to your Hair especially the braided parts of your own hair and the weight of the Hair weft hanging off it, you could possibly lose hair as well when removing them.  You need to get these done by a Professional. Most of these Hair Wefts are 100% human hair. 
Prices Range from $100-$500
 Swell Beauty Tested -Rated C-


This method is where Hair wefts or individual strands are glued to your hair and scalp.  Before all the hype of hair Extensions were around this was the only choice other than wigs.  Another New method on the market is buying hair with glue already on the Strands and using a small iron that melts the glue onto the hair. The Upside is, they can be less expensive and you can get all supples at your loacal beauty supply to try to do it yourself or have a Stylist do them. Depending on the weight of your own hair and thickness these can last anywhere from 1-4 weeks. The Downside is, they can be very damaging and high maintenance. If you have sections that fall out after washing and styling a lot, over time you will have hair loss or balding after removal.  Although the Result can look just as great as others that cost more, you will most likely hate the end result of your own hair.  My experience with this type of Extensions was okay, I felt like the glue never really held up as long as I wanted it to and in result had hair loss or bald spots. 
Prices Range from $15-$150
Swell Beauty Tested , Rated D

***Almost all these Extenions can be styled into Updos for your Special Occasions. Depending on what look you’re going for and how much you want to spend, the results can be fabulous!  Hope this Guide helps anyone with any questions.