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Red Hot!

Red Hot!
Have you always wanted to wear RED lipstick, but just don’t feel like it looks good on you?  Or maybe you feel like it’s too bold, or too bright, or too dark.  I’ve heard it all . . . . but the truth is, you can do it!!  You just need to find the right shade for YOU! 
Since we have entered the Holiday season, there are many events where you can dress up your look with a red lipstick.  Or just wear it everyday, sometimes it’s fun to do something unexpected!
Here are a few helpful tips:
1. When shopping for a red lipstick, make sure you choose one that flatters your skin tone (Cool, Neutral,Warm)  Cool tones look best in a Red/Blue, Neutral will go with a true red, and Warm will get Red/Orange.
2.  Start with a lip balm, so that your lips look smooth and soft.  To get a really defined lip, use a red lipliner and draw your precise shape, filling in most of your lip with the liner.  Then you can top it with a lipstick or sheer gloss.  
3..  Red lips need to be balanced with the rest of your makeup.  Avoid dark smokey eyes, and stick to a light shimmer shadow, black or brown liner, and lots of lashes!  Also, pick a warm pink blush to compliment the red.  
4.  No Lacquered lips!  Try to avoid coating on too many layers of lipstick and gloss.  Stick to one or two coats in a satin or matte finish.  

 Here are some of the best Red Lipsticks that I think most people can wear because they are not too orange and not too blue . .  .
A great long wearing true, deep red!
A Warm-Neutral red (seen on Taylor Swift above)
Cool- Neutral red, in a long wearing crayon.  New Favorite!
A deeper, brick red
The perfect red liner that lasts a looong time