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One Look – Five Styles, Glamour Bride, Series 3:

One Look – Five Styles, Glamour Bride, Series 3:


This Mon Amie Bridal gown is a showstopper all in it’s own with a form-fitting silhouette, sheer one shoulder sleeve with appliques and beading throughout and on the neckline. It exudes ‘Old Hollywood Glamour’ and we played on that with pin curl hair detail and more elaborate up-do accentuated by extravagant Dvnchi head pieces.

Style 1:To offset but still complement the glamorous hairstyle, a feminine, floral headpiece was placed on the opposite side of the pin curl which also balances out the intricately beaded sleeve. The Dvnchi earrings added an extra pop of sparkle and also mimicked the design of the headpiece. This headpiece gives you the freedom to play around with the placement in the hair depending on which part of the headpiece you want to show; move it up closer to the crown of the head or flipped the opposite way for a different look.

RITZFINAL44RITZFINAL45Style 2: This Dvnchi headpiece almost has the illusion of being apart of hair do as the crystal leaf design moves up and wraps around the side of the head. It has an ethereal affect on the bridal look without taking away from the glamour. If you want to add a bit more sparkle wear a simple diamond bracelet or a bracelet with a single row of the same leaf design as the headpiece.

RITZFINAL23RITZFINAL21Style 3: Nestled within the pin curl, this Dvnchi headpiece instantly brings focus to and around the bride’s face. It features many different crystal shapes and has a grandeur ‘art-deco’ feel to it. This piece is easy to move all around the head and pin where you like best.

RITZFINAL54RITZFINAL48Style 4: Dvnchi’s silver, floral crystal headpiece has been styled on all three brides for the One Look – Five Styles Bridal Series as it can easily be adapted to various bridal looks: vintage, classic, and glamour. To bring a statement piece to this look without looking busy, we placed this piece on the opposite side of the embellished sleeve. It seems to effortless tie in the lavishness of the gown. If you want more ‘oomph’, wear the matching floral bracelet on the sleeveless wrist.

RITZFINAL36RITZFINAL53Style 5: Sometimes, less is more, and this Dvnchi headpiece is the perfect example. Because of the simple shape we were able to pin it to the curlier side of the up-do and the same side as the embellished sleeve of the dress. It nicely accents the up-do as well as the style of the dress.


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