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One Look – Five Styles Vintage Bride, Series 1:

One Look – Five Styles Vintage Bride, Series 1:


With our new series, One Look – Five Styles, we wanted to show that you can style a bridal gown many different ways by the accessories you wear and how you wear them. A headpiece or belt can instantly change the look and feel of your bridal look. With this look, we dressed our bride in a bridal gown from Mon Amie Bridal that had a vintage, 1950s silhouette to it, so we wanted to play off that style as well as mix modern elements with it. Most Brides these days have chosen to do 2 to 3 different looks on their Wedding Day, by changing their accessories for for their Pictures,Ceremony, & Reception. This gives you a great variety of looks for your Wedding Photos.

Style 1: Give any bridal gown an instant touch of vintage glam with a birdcage veil. This beautiful, peach colored birdcage veil with Swarovski crystals by What a Betty was worn with a elegant grouping of silk flower clips. A crystal belt almost resembling vintage brooches was added to the bride’s waist to give the dress more sparkle without taking away from the headpiece. Both the flowers clips and belt were also from bridal accessories brand What a Betty, and the bride is also wearing earrings from Dvnchi.

RITZFINAL12RITZFINAL13Style 2: We removed the birdcage veil and added in another What a Betty flower clip with more of a feather detail. This still gives the bridal look a vintage feel but is a great alternative if you don’t want to wear a veil over your face. You can also have fun playing with the placement of the flowers and add a softer tulle veil if you want to have one hanging down the back.

RITZFINAL14RITZFINAL17Style 3: This Dvnchi leaf-like crystal, rose gold headpiece just exudes the utmost elegance. The detail of the headpiece is impeccable and gives off an enchanting ‘Greek-Goddess’ feel to it but still fashion-forward. Placed in a bed of curls, it creates an stunning focal point in this subtly, glam bridal look.

RITZFINAL8RITZFINAL6Style 4: If you really want to make a bold statement, wear this matching floral designed crystal and rose gold headpiece and bracelet from Dvnchi. With the simple Dvnchi earrings, this bridal look has just enough pizazz without looking gaudy with the accessories. If you love floral jewelry designs, but aren’t keen on matching pieces, than pick a statement headpiece, necklace or bracelet to wear. Depending on the placement of the headpiece, a veil can easily be added for a more classic touch.

RITZFINAL4RITZFINAL20 RITZFINAL1Style 5: Create a different look with the What a Betty birdcage veil pinned underneath an exquisite headpiece and flipping the veil the opposite way from your face and have it laying on the back of your head. This Dvnchi headpiece is a showstopper with the rose gold peacock feather-like crystal encrusted design, which adds sparkle and dimension to the brides up-do. You can also remove the birdcage veil to solely showcase the headpiece, or place the headpiece more towards the top, center of your head and add a long veil underneath for a traditional look.

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