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Got Dull Skin?

Got Dull Skin?
We are in those dry winter months that do absolutely no favors for our skin.  Do you want to give your skin and complexion a “pick-me-up”?  I know I do!  Here are some tips to get your skin glowing again . . .
First step, exfoliate your skin.  This Brush, as well as others on the market are proven to clean 6X deeper than cleansing with our hands.  And, the spinning brush will buff away dry and flakey skin cells.  I have used mine for a year and love the way my skin feels after. 
This one by Olay, is fantastic.  It comes with a great moisturizing/exfoliating cleanser and retails for around $30!  Get it at most drugstores.  
Second, try a moisturizing mask!  A couple times a week, your skin will never look better!  I like these:
I’ve always love the Borghese Fango Mud Masks!  This one is a great one for winter, it’s extra hydrating
I also like the way this Mask from Origins makes my skin feel supple and smooth!  It’s called Drink Up!
Third, You will want to choose a thicker cream moisturizer, rather than a light weight lotion.  Some of my favorites are also best sellers! If you haven’t tried these, check them out!
has been a classic for many years, ever since Oprah recommended it on her favorite things list.  It’s not to heavy, but really gives the skin a lot of moisture, and packed full of antioxidants.  
Here’s another gem by Keihl’s, Ultra Facial Cream.  It soothes and combats dry skin, and a little goes a long way! 
Fourth, you will want to stay away from powder compacts and powder foundation if you have dry skin.  It’s basically the worst thing you could use.  When applying foundation, look for one’s that are moisturizing and illuminating.  These will give that glowing effect, making your skin look luminous!  Here’s some faves:
Laura Mercier has always been a go-to for great foundations and tinted moisturizers.  This product will keep you hydrated through the day! Pair with the Illuminating Foundation Primer for the best results!
Stila’s Illuminating Liquid Foundation sets the bar high for a great “dewy finish” foundation!  A great one I pull out when my skin needs to glow!! Or you can mix this with any other foundation to add shimmer.
Fifth, and final tip:
Keep yourself hydrated!  Drink a much water as you can, as well as antioxidants.  Drink OJ for Vitamin C, or a good Green Shake!  They will do a great things for your skin and your health!