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Do’s and Dont’s for Picture Perfect Beauty!!!!

DO hire a professional hairstylist and make-up artist for your wedding day – it is an investment that will highly impact your pictures and video. Regardless of how talented your photographer/videographer is, if you aren’t pleased with your appearance in the photos, then you will be dissatisfied.  Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life, and you are likely to be photographed more on this day than any other. You should look and feel especially beautiful for the entire day.
DO ask the potential stylist to show you their credentials, as well as photos of their work and testimonials from past clients. You must be sure that you are dealing with a professional. Pros know the tricks of the trade, are experts in their field, and will deliver top quality services.
DO have service consultations, and schedule them for at least two to four weeks before the wedding. You and your stylist should choose your hair and make-up designs in advance – you don’t want any surprises on the big day!
DO bring someone you feel comfortable with and whose opinion you trust to the consultations.
DO bring a picture of your gown and, if possible, a swatch of the fabric to the consultation. Your bridal hair and make-up should complement and balance your dress for a look that is consistent.
DO pick a flattering hairstyle first, and then purchase a headpiece or hair ornaments that will work well with your hairstyle and gown.
DO bring the headpiece and/or veil to the hair consult, If you already have them,if not a picture will be great too!!!
DON’T be afraid to share your personal preferences with the stylist during the consultation.
DON’T try to look extremely different on your wedding day. Your hair and make-up should only enhance you, not change you.
DO bring a camera and take photos of the work done at the consultations, so that you have them as a reference. (Understand that your camera and the amount of light provided by the flash will not be equal to the camera and lighting provided by the wedding photographer. Professional cameras show everything in their true colors.)
DO ask your stylist for a contract with your wedding date, specific timing, day-of location and balance when booking their services.
DO get a monthly facial to deep clean and exfoliate your skin.
DO have a good daily skin care regimen appropriate for your skin type.
DO drink at least eight glasses of water a day to help keep your skin clear.
DON’T stress out. Find ways to alleviate your pre-wedding concerns, such as doing yoga, going for walks, or meditating. Stress wreaks havoc on the skin as well as the mind.
DON’T get any chemical processes done in the ten days prior to your wedding – that goes for face, body and hair.  You want to leave enough time to fix anything that might go wrong!
DON’T drastically change your hair color or style.  Remember, you should look like yourself on your wedding day – only enhanced.
DO bring touch-up products such as lipstick, lip liner, lip gloss and oil blotting tissues to the wedding. That is all you will need if you have your make-up applied correctly. Everything else should last the entire event.
DO self-tan before the wedding if you want a healthy-looking glow. The safest method is to have your tan professionally applied (via a spray or a bottle) at a salon or spa. Remember to start at least ten days before the wedding – your tan can always be maintained if you like how it looks.
DON’T tan too much for the wedding. Being too dark in comparison to your natural coloring is not flattering.
DO bring a pain reliever just in case you get a headache from a tight hairstyle or your headpiece.
DO wear a perfume that works with your body chemistry. The fragrance is also part of your bridal beauty.
DON’T wash your hair the day of the wedding – wash it the day before.  It is easier for a stylist to work with hair that is not “squeaky” clean. If you must wash it that day, then make sure you use extra hair product, such as a mousse or a gel, to give more texture to the hair. You should blow out your hair and make sure it is completely dry for the stylist unless he or she tells you otherwise.
DO wear a button-down or zippered shirt before you start your day-of beauty services, to avoid ruining your hair and make-up when it is time to get into your gown.
DO surround yourself with people that will help you stay calm during your wedding day beauty preparations – and this goes for your stylist as well as your family and friends.
DO relish being pampered and tended to. You are queen for the day. Enjoy!

XOXOXOX- Dee and Laura