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Bride Series: Are you a GLAM Bride . . .

Bride Series: Are you a GLAM Bride . . .
Elegant, Luxurious, Sexy, Dramatic, extra Bling and lots of Makeup . . . . Is this your style?  If so, then you are a GLAMOROUS Bride.  
We love a bride that isn’t afraid of some great hair and makeup!  There are a lot of women who love to get dolled up and feel like a princess, and your wedding day is the best way to show your elegant stye.  
For your makeup: you’re the type of girl who already wears a lot of makeup everyday, so you’re not timid about coverage and drama.  Make your eyes stand out with darker shades, liner, and dramatic long lashes.  Make sure to fill in your brows, and add a highlight sparkle below your brows and cheekbones. Powder, bronzer, blush, etc. . . . you get the idea!  This is a glam slam look for any makeup obsessed bride!
For your Hair:  Go for an elegant and dramatic updo.  You’re a princess and your hair should make you feel like one.  Stay away from “messy” styles, rather the more sleek and polished is best.  Adding height and volume to your hair style gives it that wow factor!
Accessories: Extra bling is always welcome for Brides, just make sure that it’s not too over done.  Stick to ONE hair accessory, more can be tacky.  A Tiara, jeweled headband, Broach, or small pins are all gorgeous with this look.  Or large chandelier earrings also compliment this look nicely as well! 

Here are some Glamorous looks that we are loving . . .