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Behind the Veil: Finding Your Perfect Wedding Coordinator

Behind the Veil: Finding Your Perfect Wedding Coordinator

   -Finding The Wedding Coordinator That Is Perfect For You!-

Finding your Wedding Coordinator is a very personal decision. It can sometimes be a bit of a process to find your perfect match but this guide will hopefully make it easier on you.

Before you meet with a potential coordinator you should be able to answer these questions:

  1. What is my budget?
  2. How many people will be attending my wedding?
  3. What date would I like to get married?
  4. Where would you like to get married? (This is important because some venues have on site wedding coordinators and include their services in the venue package.)

The answer to these questions will really effect every other choice about your event so it is important to decide on this first.  Now you can start the search!

First you want to determine which type of wedding coordinator you are looking for:
a) A full service coordinator: This is for a bride that wants a coordinator that will take care of every detail of the wedding from start to finish.
b) A partial coordinator: This is for a bride that wants to do some of the planning on her own but may want help with the decor only or the ceremony only, rather then the entire event.
c) A day of coodinator: This is for a bride that wants to plan the wedding herself but would like someone to  make sure it all runs smoothly on the day of the event.

Once you have chosen the type of wedding coordinator you desire you can start looking for potential coordinator and set up interviews with them. A few things to find out about them before planning a meeting are:

  1. Do they have a business license?
  2. How long have they been coordinating weddings?
  3. How many weddings do they take on at one time?
  4. Are they simply a coordinator, or do they design as well? (This is especially important if you want them to make your vision into reality.)

You may also want to check out their website for a portfolio of their work. You can really tell a lot by a portfolio and whether their work is similar to the style you are interested in.

Now that you have chosen who you will be having interviews with, here are some questions to consider asking in your initial meeting.

The venue

  1. If you have a venue in mind already, find out if they have ever worked with that venue before, and how they felt about it.
  2. If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding, you’ll want to ask what type of contingency plan they would have in case it rains.
  3. Do you provide us with a floor plan for the wedding venue?
  4. If we book the vendors from the venue will we get a discount?



  1. Am I required to only book the vendors you recommend?
  2. If we book the vendors you recommend is there a discount?
  3. Will you attend all vendor meetings and aid in ensuring everything is in order with the vendor contracts?
  4. Will we need to pay each vendor ourselves or will you invoice us for the vendors fees?
  5. Will you distribute final payments or tips on the day of the wedding to the various vendors?
  6. If issues arise with vendors, at any time, will you resolve them?


  1. Do you provide us with a timeline for the day of the wedding?
  2. Will you be there the day of my wedding or will it be another coordinator?
  3. How many assistants do you have that will be there the day of my wedding?
  4. If there is an emergency and you are unable to attend the wedding, who is your backup coordinator, and what are their qualifications?
  5. How early and late will you arrive and depart on the day of the wedding?
  6. Do you stay after the wedding until everything is taken down and all the vendors have left?


  1. What do you handle and what are we responsible for planning ourselves? You want to make sure both your and the coordinator expectations are listed to avoid miscommunication.
  2. Do you offer customized packages for what we want or is your coordinating services already set?
  3. How often will we meet?
  4. How often will you call me / am I able to call you?
  5. What all is included in your services? (Example, rehearsal dinner, post wedding brunch, honeymoon coordinating)
  6. For services that aren’t included, what is the cost to have those services added?
  7. Will you provide an itemized list of what is included in your services?
  8. If we choose you, how long will it take for to get the contract?
  9. If we make changes to our plans will you provide us with a revised estimate and updated contract
  10. Do you have references? Can I contact them?
  11. Do you have a portfolio? (If you haven’t already checked it out online.)
  12. What is the typical size of weddings you plan?

the budget and payment

  1. Do you stay on budget?
  2. Based on our budget, how will you allocate the money provided?
  3. What happens if you go over budget?
  4. How will we be charged for your services? (flat rate, % of wedding cost, hourly rate)
  5. How do you receive payment? (check, credit card, cash)
  6. When are payments due?
  7. Are there any added fee’s that are not included in your estimate that I should be aware of?
  8. What is your cancelation policy? Do you give refunds?

When your meeting is over you want to ask yourself how you felt about the meeting. It is so important that you felt as though you had chemistry. Listen to your intuition, if you didn’t feel good in the meeting then thats a good sign they are not the coordinator for you, even if they have a great reputation, because the experience will not be enjoyable for you. Did you fell the wedding coordinator understood what you want for your big day and listened to your ideas. And finally, did you get the sense that they would be able to achieve your vision with in the budget you have set.  If you answer yes to these questions, then chances are you found your perfect match!

Advice From a Real Bride: What I Wish I Had Addressed With My Wedding Coordinator!

If I could go back in time these are certainly some items I would have addressed with my Wedding Coordinator before booking them for my wedding.

1. High-level timeline with monthly milestones:  If they do not have a general (personalize-able) document that they could immediately produce, I’d bail.
2.  Communication: Find out exactly how the wedding coordinator and their team will communicate with you?  Emails, a planning website, phone calls, make sure that the communication is in a form that you are both comfortable with.
3.  Availability: You will want to make sure that your schedules will line up. If you are a person that works from 6am-6pm and the wedding coordinator you’re meeting with does not work evenings, it is not going to be a good match.
Make sure you take the time to ask all the questions you need to make an informed decision on whether this wedding coordinator will work for your wedding. No question is too silly or outrageous, you want to make sure your expectations are met, so you need to communicate that to ensure that they can accomplish it for you. Otherwise, you’ll want to go with someone else.

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XO- Caroline

Swell Beauty Contributor Caroline

Caroline has always been passionate about beauty, hair and weddings. In her early twenties she started planning and coordinating weddings. She loves to make someones vision for their special day come to reality. She soon after started designing and creating wedding accessories for brides and their wedding party. Through her experience in hair styling she has found a perfect place with Swell Beauty. She loves to share her passion of weddings and beauty with others so she enjoys writing for wedding blogs. In her spare time Caroline loves being wife to her California born and raised husband and a mommy to her beautiful baby girl.