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Behind the Veil: Etiquette 101 – Vendor to Vendor

Behind the Veil: Etiquette 101 – Vendor to Vendor

-Vendor to Vendor Etiquette 101-
As vendors we are all trying to make our Brides day be a dream come true. In order for this to happen, we all need to work together and be kind to one another. Here are some tips to help ensure that vendors are respecting each other.


Crystal_watches_women_Fossil_ES30971) Time management is a huge deal in the wedding industry. It is so important to be up front about how much time you need to complete your task and then stick to it. Timelines are made for a reason, there is a domino effect that happens when vendors take too long and sadly the last vendor ends up taking most of the brunt for it. Try to keep other vendors informed if you need more time so that they can rearrange and try to stay on the schedule. Time is money so try to be fair to the other vendors that are waiting on you to finish in order to for them to start.




6a00e55083d2c588330147e1077a42970b2) Staying organized is a very important business practice, and when other vendors are dependent on your completing work or  getting information to them it becomes even more crucial. If everyone is organized it makes things run much more smoothly. On the day of the wedding if you are sharing a space with another vendor it is very respectful to keep your station neat and organized so that it is easier for you both to work together.




3) Don’t be afraid to offer referrals. If a bride asks you if you know any chefs, and you worked with a great caterer at your last wedding, then give their information. It is greatly appreciated and in most situations the favor is reciprocated. As vendors we rely a lot on referrals so let’s all help each other out!





3a19bb04) Speak kindly to one another. Gossip is never attractive so don’t go talking trash about another vendor. If a bride asks your opinion, certainly be truthful, but there is a right way and a wrong way of doing that. On the wedding day, we all have the same goal, so there is no need to be disrespectful with other vendors. Speak kindly and respectfully to one another. If a vendor is in your way, simply ask them nicely to move. The old saying that you attract more fly’s with honey than vinegar is very true. You never know who is watching you and if you are making a scene, a potential bride that is at the venue may not book you because of it.




5) Be kind online. If you are featuring a wedding you were a part of it is always nice to give credit where credit is due, so list the other vendors involved in the wedding. Tagging other vendors is always great as well, it not only helps the person you are tagging but it helps you too, as your photo will come up when the other vendor is searched online.




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Swell Beauty Contributor Caroline

Caroline has always been passionate about beauty, hair and weddings. In her early twenties she started planning and coordinating weddings. She loves to make someones vision for their special day come to reality. She soon after started designing and creating wedding accessories for brides and their wedding party. Through her experience in hair styling she has found a perfect place with Swell Beauty. She loves to share her passion of weddings and beauty with others so she enjoys writing for wedding blogs. In her spare time Caroline loves being wife to her California born and raised husband and a mommy to her beautiful baby girl.