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Behind the Veil: Etiquette 101 – Vendor to Bride

Behind the Veil: Etiquette 101 – Vendor to Bride

Vendor to Bride Etiquette: Choosing the perfect vendors for a Wedding can be a stressful process for Brides. It is important that vendors make a positive impression on the Bride and Groom in order to stand out from the rest. Here are 10 tips to help vendors ensure that the Bride will say “I DO” want you as my vendor! Brides, these are certainly some things you may look for while choosing your vendors.

shutterstock_2086912841) Meeting the Couple: Vendors should be respectful when meeting a bride for the first time, otherwise she may not want to have you be part of her wedding. Make sure to stand, make eye contact and shake her hand when you are meeting her, not only the first time but every time. It will set a good tone for the meeting, that will hopefully make it easy to choose you!

2) Use the Couples Names: Find out right away what the name of the bride, groom and co-ordinator (if applicable) are and write them down so you don’t forget. In all communication between the bride and vendor, names should be used. It shows that as a vendor you care about the bride and it makes her feel confident that you are invested in her wedding.


gossip3) Keep Bridezilla Stories to Yourself: As a vendor you may have had the bride that was not forgettable, but no one should ever know! It is very important that brides trust you, they are allowing you to be part of the most important day of their life. If you start talking to a potential bride about a disaster of a bride from last month, she is not only going to feel awkward, but have a lack of trust that you won’t talk to other people about her. Weddings are stressful, sometimes it can bring out the worst in people, no one wants to think that their vendor will tell everyone about the overwhelming blowout they had an hour before the wedding.



4) Returning Calls: There is nothing worse than being a bride that can not get in touch with her vendor. Make it a habit to return phone calls, emails, texts at the beginning and end of each day, if not more frequently. Never let your bride wait to hear back from you. If you need to send a Quick Reply, so they do not feel ignored, then do so. This will make a huge difference when you do get in touch with your Bride. She will feel you care and will care from the day she books you to the Wedding Day.

branded-ladies-watches-35) Arrive on Time: Vendors should be on time for any meetings, promised call backs or Skype appointments and especially the wedding day! A bride has enough to deal with, the last thing she needs to add to her list of worries is weather or not her vendor is going to show up. The old saying that on time is actually 10 minutes late, should become a reality in your life. Be prompt, be ready, be prepared. If you are late on your first impression or meeting, she will not have confidence you will arrive on time for her BIG DAY!!!!


6) Being Good on Your Word: If you tell a bride you will get them information by tomorrow, make sure you get them the information. If you tell them you can get a certain flower flown in from France for their wedding day, you better be darn sure you can deliver. Do not make promises you can not keep. There is nothing wrong with saying “Let me get back to you on that” or “I will try my best but unfortunately I can’t promise it at this time”, it is much better to surprise her with something than to disappoint her nothing.


wedding-vendors-istock-michael-jung7) Making the Bride Feel Important: When you are in a meeting or working with your bride make sure that she is your main focus. You may have a million things to do, emails to answer,texts and phone calls coming in like crazy but she doesn’t care. All she cares about is that her wedding day is perfect, and that you are completely paying attention when you are with her. In todays world where everything is at your fingertips and on your cell phone it can be hard to put it down, but don’t give into the temptation. They made answering machines for a reason; don’t pick up your phone, or text while you are with your bride!

278167714454135151_SpVuta1l_c8) Dress the Part: A vendor is not a guest at the wedding, but guests may see you, so don’t show up in flip flops and Casual Wear. Dress nicely & represent yourself in a way that is PROFESSIONAL. This will show your bride that you are giving her wedding day the respect it deserves. On the flip side, don’t outshine the guests either. You should dress in a Simple outfit, which means no plunging neck lines or miniskirts. Black pants and and nice dressy top with close toed dress shoes are always a safe bet!

26332929) Expressing Appreciation: A simple thank you goes a long way. After meeting with a bride thank them in person for coming in to see you and then follow up again through email or phone thanking them. This is also a great opportunity to ask if they had any more questions they may not have thought of in your meeting. If they decide to book you for their wedding, make sure they know how much you appreciate their business. Finally, after the event send a quick note to thank your bride for letting you be part of their big day. This will speak volumes and leave a good impression for a possible referral, or even a rebooking for another special Occassion!

skinny-fiber-rocks10) Remember to be Positive: This is your brides big day, not yours. Therefore if it happens to be the worst day of your life, keep it to your self because it is the best day of hers! Listening to you complain the whole time could ruin it for her. If something goes wrong, stay positive, you are the professional, if you freakout then your bride will certainly freak out as well.




If you follow these tips you will be sure to be in your Brides good books

and help make her day as special as it should be!


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