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Behind the Veil: Etiquette 101 – Bride to Vendor

Behind the Veil: Etiquette 101 – Bride to Vendor

-Behind the Veil: Wedding Etiquette-


As a Bride you have so much to think about in preparing to make your dream wedding come true. Wedding vendors are the people that will make your special day a reality, therefor we wanted to answer some questions about vendor etiquette to ensure that you and your vendors have a great relationship and make wedding planning a splendid experience!


Is it really important that I be on time? Yes!  Your vendors time is just as valuable as yours during the wedding planning stage, so make sure to be respectful and show up on time. If you are running late or unable to make it, call or text your vendor to let them know. They may have other appointments booked after you that they will need to rearrange. Coordinators spend hours with vendors going over timelines for your big day to make sure that everyone has enough time to accomplish their required job and give you the royal treatment you deserve.  The bridal party showing up on time is essential to the timeline staying on track. If you are an hour late, it could set your entire wedding back an hour, which will make for impatient guests. Not to mention, if you have booked a vendor for a certain time, like a photo booth for the first 2 hours of your reception. If you reception is now an hour late, they aren’t going to stay for 3 hours, so you have now missed out on an hour of the service you paid for.

Who do I need to share my plans with?
Share your plans with all vendors. If you want to give your new husband a surprise gift at the reception before the meals come out, but neglect to tell the photographer or the caterer, you could end up without the photo and having cold food. Vendors are not mind readers, so make sure they know exactly what is expected. This way they can easily work together to make your day perfect. Rather than feeling out of the loop.

woman-signingDo I have to sign my contract right away?
There is usually no exact time limit but sign your contract quickly.  your contract ensures that you will receive the services you and your vendor spoke about in your meeting. Certainly you want to take the time to read it through and make sure everything is correct, but don’t take weeks to sign and return. Your vendor could be holding your date as a curtesy and have other brides that want that same date. If you are unsure if you want to use a vendor, be fair to them and let them know so they can fix any reservations you have about booking them.

issues:blogWhat if I’m not getting along with my vendor?
We hope this one will never be the case, however there is the rare occasion when a bride and vendor do not see eye to eye. If you are unhappy with your vendor, a conflict is unnecessary, and typically does not yield the results you would like. Most often it is a simple miscommunication that needs to be resolved. Don’t be afraid to be honest with your vendors and tell them exactly what your are looking for. The right vendors are always happy to help make all your wishes reality. This is the biggest day of your life and you deserve to get exactly what you want!

miami wedding planner vendor mealShould I Feed my Vendors?
A wedding day is a long day and you want to make sure the people putting it on for you are at their best. Therefore they need fuel to give their body energy. Vendors that you would want to have a meal for are the people that are expected to be present for your entire wedding day. This may include your wedding planner, photographer, videographer, and DJ or band, plus their assistants. Basically if they are there for you reception, they should have a meal! Make sure your caterer knows how many vendor meals to prepare, and that it is included in your total cost. Typically caterers prepare a special lower cost meal for vendors, if your wedding has a ten course meal, they would be given something else. Also, speak to the venue coordinator to ensure there is a designated place for vendors to eat on their break, either in the kitchen or a separate room.

tipDo I need to tip my vendors? 

Tipping is dependent on the vendors performance. Here is a list of vendors that you may consider tip if they do a great job: Wedding Planner ($50-$100), Caterer (15-20%), Florist ($30-$50), DJ’s($25-$50), Musicians ($20-$25 each), Hair Stylist (15-20%), Makeup Artist (15-20%),  Photographer ($30-$50), Videographer ($30-$50), Venue Staff (waiters, coat check ect.)($0.50-$2/guest), Drivers (15-20%), and Deliverers ($5/delivery). Make sure to take note if a vendor has included their gratuities in your quote, many caterers will do this. You don’t want to end up tipping them twice. Remember that the time to tip is on the wedding day. It will be too much for you to think about so assign it to your wedding planner, maid of honor, or family member, just make sure it isn’t forgotten. Also,  write a check rather than leaving cash, this way you can make sure the right people got the right amount as you can trace a check!



thankyouDo I send a “Thank You” card to my vendors?
It is so nice to receive a thank you note from a bride for a job well done. Everyone loves to know their work is appreciated. It is also nice to comment on social media about the great experience you had with a vendor as many vendors gain clients mainly from referrals. A lot of people check out vendors online before booking them so writing a nice review for your vendor in such places as weddingwire.com, yelp.com, ect. is always a very nice gesture.





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