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Behind the Veil: Bridal Party 101- Wedding Shower & Bachelorette Party!

Behind the Veil: Bridal Party 101- Wedding Shower & Bachelorette Party!

Being a Bride-to-Be is so much fun and come with a number of special event before the wedding. These tips will help make sure that your bridal party is prepared for the Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party. Remember not everyone has been a bridesmaid before and may not know what is expected of them so make sure you communicate so there are no expectations that go unmet!

Wedding Shower

-The wedding shower typically falls under the “Maid of Honor” duties, however bridesmaid most certainly can aid in the execution of it. If you have someone else that you would like to be involved in the planning of your shower, simply let your Maid of Honor know, I’m sure she will be happy to have the extra help!


-Make sure your hostess knows who you would like at the bridal shower. Provide them with a list well in advance so that they can plan accordingly.


-Along with your guest list provide your hostess with addresses. Chances are you already have them, and it will save her a lot of time, not having to look them all up online, when sending the invitations.


-If there are certain people you want to be at your shower for sure, then take the time to find out what date or dates would work best for them and then let your hostess know.  It would certainly be terrible if they planned your shower for a day your mom was out of town accidentally.

-If you have a specific idea of what you want for your bridal shower than certainly give subtle hints, but do not start planning the party yourself. It is a shower meant to be in your honor so be gracious and let your friends honor you!


Bachelorette Party


-A bachelorette party is much more intimate than a shower and so it is extra important that the bride be 100% comfortable with everyone invited. As the bride make sure to give your hostess your guest list early so that they do not involve anyone you may not want there.


-This party is meant to be your last hoorah as a single gal, so you have as much involvement as you wish. If you has always wanted to go skydiving for your bachelorette, awesome, let your hostess know! It is always fun to have a few surprises though, so try not to be involved with every little detail!


-Consider the location. It is always fun to have a bachelorette trip to vegas or palm beach, but if your bridesmaids are all starting out and don’t have a lot of extra cash it isn’t fair of you to expect them to plan a trip they can’t afford. If it is extremely important to you that your bachelorette party be a vacation trip then make sure to let your bridal party know well in advance to be able to save for the trip. I would also recommend telling them before they agree to be part of the wedding.


-A bachelorette party is meant to be fun and crazy at times, however if you really don’t want something to happen at your bachelorette party, such as a stripper or male paraphernalia, make sure to tell your bridesmaids ahead of time. Chances are they know you well enough to know you won’t want it, but if they don’t, you do not want to be the party pooper, or make anyone feel awkward.

Hopefully these tips will help keep the lines of communication open with your bridal party and ensure you have amazing parties to celebrate you!

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