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Behind the Veil: Bridal Party 101-Choosing Your Bridal Party-

Behind the Veil: Bridal Party 101-Choosing Your Bridal Party-

Part 1: Choosing Your Bridal Party


  • Make sure you are 100% sure before you ask someone to be in your Bridal party. You can’t go back after you’ve asked so you want to make sure you really want them to be part of your big day before you ask them if they will.swellbeauty_classicbride_4
  • Don’t ask someone just because they asked you. If you were part of their wedding 5 years ago when you were in college and super close and you two have drifted apart over the years there is no obligation for you to have them in your Bridal party.SwellBeauty_Bridal Party1
  • Make your expectations clear before they agree! It is unfair to expect a friend that just had a baby, lives an hour away and runs her own business to do “wedding prep” with you every other day. If you have expectations for your bridal party make your friend is aware of what they are before she commits. That way you will not be left disappointed and she will know what her commitment entails.

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  • No rule says that you must have your siblings in your bridal party, but consider the fact that your siblings will always be apart of your life and sadly friends sometimes come and go. You want to make sure that the people in your Bridal party are individuals that love and support you, typically your siblings fit that category. If they do not fit this category then do not feel obligated to have them in your Bridal party. This is the one day in your life that it is expected to be all about you and what you want, and that is ok! Should you choose not to have them in the bridal party it is always nice to have them be some part of your wedding, whether it be that they pass out the programs, or read a scripture during the ceremony.SwellBeauty_Behind the Veil_Maid of Honor
  • When choosing the maid of honor, you want to make sure the person is responsible and dependable. If your best friend is a bit too laid back to get the jobs done that you need, you can always have two maids of honor to ensure everything gets done that needs to. Or do not have a maid of honor at all and simply split the tasks up amongst the bridesmaids.

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  • There is no limit to how many bridesmaids you can have. Typically the average is 4-6 but you can certainly have more if you wish! You want to ensure the Bridal party to guest ratio stays pretty balanced though. You don’t want to have 10 bridesmaids 10 groomsmen for a 50 guest wedding, or almost half the guest will be up standing with you. Also keep in mind that the more bridesmaids you have the more peoples schedules you have to take into consideration for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, dress fittings and so on, it can get a little hectic if there are too many people. There is always the option of having close friends participate in other ways for your wedding than just having them in the bridal party.Swell Beauty_Beach Bride1
  • Kids are always a fun part of the bridal party, but do not feel obligated to have children if you don’t know any. It is just as easy for your maid of honor or bridesmaid to bring your ring to the front as it is for a child.

Let these tips be your guide in choosing your Bridal party. The most important thing to remember is that you want people that are going to uplift you and support you on your big day. It isn’t about them, it is about you and what you want is what matters! If you as the Bride are happy then the Bridal party you chose is the right one!

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